5 ways a Lactation Room can elevate your business from good to exceptional

While I have a long list of reasons why a Lactation Room is so important I’ll start with just 5.  These are just a few reasons for how they will elevate your business from good to exceptional!


Loyalty is a circle that you may not be aware of.  If you take care of your employee’s goals they will feel supported and appreciated.  If they feel supported and appreciated they will want to pass that on to your clients and customers.  If your clients and customers feel supported and appreciated they will want to support and appreciate your fabulous company that takes such good care of their goals.  Oh my…who knew!

This can apply to conference centers, sporting venues, higher education facilities, and small businesses.

  • Higher attendance for conferences as women know that there is a space for them to use. Many airports are providing Lactation facilities so if they have a space to use as they travel to the conference center why not provide one at their destination.
  • It’s much easier for a family to stay at home and watch a game in the comfort of their own home, but let’s face it…there is nothing like the energy of being at the game. So make it easy for them to come and provide a Lactation Room for them at the game.  Many MLB stadiums are providing them to much success.
  • Many women are going to school while having young kids, as the educator or student. Why loose valuable educators and students because they don’t have a place to pump

Money…Cost Savings

There are many ways a Lactation Room can help here.  Breastfed babies tend to be healthier which means:

  • Less sick time needed for moms or dads.
  • Lower health insurance costs.
  • Mom’s personal goal of feeding her baby and physical need to pump is being met which means she can focus on her job making her more efficient while at work.
  • Lower employee turnover. If an expecting employee knows that a clean, private space is available for her to pump in she may be more likely to return to work after having her baby.  Why?  She feels valued, an obstacle is being removed, and many Millennials plan to work and have a baby which will help retain staff.

It’s being asked for

As I talk to others about what I do I am often told what a value this is and that these spaces are truly needed.  It is scary to ask for a space, as most times women don’t know what type of reaction to expect.   The women who ask are the brave ones but behind them are so many other women that are nervous to.  There is a need why not fill it.

You might legally need to

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires businesses with 50 or more hourly employees provide a clean private space that is not a bathroom for a mother to pump in.  I am not a lawyer so be sure to check with yours or your HR manager to see if you company falls in the parameters set by the ACA.  Even if you don’t why not set a space up and show your employees you have their back and are forward thinking?

Money…Providing a Lactation Room

I know I already mentioned money but there are two parts to every story and this is no exception.  You like the idea of providing a space for your employees, or you know you need to but the next question of course is how much is this going to cost you?  It can cost you as much as you want it to.

On the low end:

  • If you have an extra table and chair that isn’t being used you can put in unused space such as a private office, conference room or if you really need to, a storage area.
  • An employee can block off time (around 30 minutes once or twice a day) to use your conference room.
  • Perhaps another employee has a private office that they are willing to give up for about 20 min two to three times each day.

On the higher end:

  • Take that unused space and finish it to continue your current office aesthetic.
    • New Flooring
    • Wall covering
    • Nice lighting
    • Custom storage
  • Table and chair purchased specifically for the space.
  • Elements for acoustic privacy.
  • Add the extras that really make a room special, calming paint colors, a sink, lockable storage, a hospital grade pump so multiple moms can use it, a phone, sign outside the space indicating the space is a Lactation Room and if it’s being used, a lock, the list can go on. Make it a supportive space not an afterthought.

There is a lot of room between these two extremes which allows you to provide the space that fits you and your employees needs the best.  It can also be repurposed to support all your employees when there is no longer a need for a Lactation Room or if you only have one mom when she is not using the space.  On average the ROI for a Lactation room is $3 for every $1 you spend.  That’s not too shabby!


Have you set a space up for your employees, or have you used a Lactation Room?  Tell your story in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear about it.

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