Lactation Rooms

Lactation Rooms are the secret to your businesses success.  Let me tell you why.

They can help you save money by

  • Reducing turnover.

    If your employee has a place to pump it is easier for her to continue working supporting her professional goals as well as her personal goals as a mom.

  • Lower healthcare costs.

    Breastfed babies tend to be healthier which translates to fewer sick days not only for your female employees but your male employees too.

  • They are not expensive to set up.

    They can be as basic as re purposing unused furniture or as elaborate as you want.  In addition when there is no longer a mom that needs to pump the space can be used to support the well being of your other employees.

They can help with your recruitment and retention

  • Not only does this apply to employees but to universities, conference centers, sporting venues, travel destinations.  If a guest knows she has access to a clean private place to pump it makes saying yes to coming to your facility and building loyalty to your brand so much easier.
  • It communicates your company brand making it easier to tell exceptional applicants why your company is the place to work for.  In turn it makes it that much easier to keep that top talent you are attracting.

You might be legally required to

  • As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) businesses with 50 or more hourly employees are required to provide a Lactation space that is not a bathroom to their employees.
  • Even if you don’t legally need to why not do it?  With an average ROI of $3 for every $1 spent, it makes good financial sense.

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