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When your office needs to be more than another pretty space

An office interior design that looks nice on the surface...that's a solution you can find from many different sources.  You however, want to make your already great office EXCEPTIONAL.


You value your employees and you know their safety, productivity and goals matter.


In a post COVID-19 world, listening to all the resources and understanding how to implement them to keep your employees and visitors safe can be an overwhelming prospect.


I am your resource to take away the overwhelm, implementing changes efficiently, and accurately reflecting your office style so you can get back to work.

Together let's make your office exceptional



The design process should be fun, not a chore.  What are the goals for your work space?

  • Do you find yourself working from home?  Let's set up your HOME OFFICE to work for you.
  • Need to provide distancing in a post COVID-19 world? I'm your resource to get your office as SAFE as possible!
  • Would you like an office space reflecting you and your employees?  Let's create a CUSTOM OFFICE DESIGN for you.

People focused

  • Specializing in wellness rooms and lactation rooms:
    • a judgement free, clean, dignified place for employees to take a moment
  • Employees value personalization of their work space:
    • such as ergonomic sit-stand worksurfaces, seating and monitor arms
  • Benefits in focusing on people result in:
    • attracting and retaining talented staff
    • greater efficiency
    • increased profits

Sustainable design

In addition to respecting the people that use your office it is important to respect the environment and the world we live in.  Whenever possible sustainable solutions are specified.

  • use of sustainable practices that are most important to you
  • an environmental story to strengthen your public image
  • usually more cost effective over the life of the product making it less expensive for you.

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the design process

Step One

Getting to know your project

It's all about you! Tell me about the issues, the people that use the office space, and your goals.

Step Two

We do things different here

Together we'll create a framework as a guide for our decisions and to evaluate the results.

Step Three

Results based interior design

Your office is functional and beautiful, supporting the wellness and productivity of your employees.

Meet the Creative Director

Hi, I'm Tina Raasch-Prost and I design work spaces where people go to change the world.

Tina Raasch-Prost Headshot


What I love about interior design is all the problems it can solve, the people it can help and the beauty it can create.


No two clients are the same so why should the solutions offered be?  Taking the time to intimately learn all aspects of a project, collaborating as a team and having fun during the process is what sets me apart as a designer.  For those who are looking for a unique solution for their employees, I specialize in designing lactation rooms or wellness rooms.


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