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your office needs to be more than another pretty space

No matter the project you are planning, TRP Design Group, LLC is  the only Milwaukee area interior design firm focusing on sustainability and wellness. Your resource to implement not just solutions but help your business meet and exceed your standards.


An office interior design that looks nice on the surface...that's a solution you can find from many different sources.  You however, want to make your already great office EXCEPTIONAL.


You value your employees and you know their safety, productivity and goals matter.  You aren't too concerned about the design process, you care about the results.

Together let's make your office exceptional

custom office interior design


RESULTS are the measure of success projects are based on, not solutions.

  • Is your home office not up to the task?  Let's set up a HOME OFFICE as ergonomic and efficient as the one at work.
  • I can implement all the COVID-19 safety guidelines for your office so it can be as SAFE as possible!
  • Want an office space that helps your business GROW?  Let's create a CUSTOM OFFICE DESIGN for you.

wellness focused

Wellness has never been as important as it is now. Which option below will provide greater impact to your goals?

  • Wellness rooms and lactation rooms:
    • a judgement free, clean, dignified place for employees to take a moment to support their mental and physical health.
  • Employees value personalization of their work space:
    • such as ergonomic sit-stand worksurfaces, seating and monitor arms
  • Benefits in focusing on people result in:
    • attracting and retaining talented staff
    • greater efficiency
    • increased profits, etc.

Sustainable design

In addition to respecting the people that use your office it is important to respect the environment and the world we live in.  Whenever possible sustainable solutions are specified.

  • use of the sustainable options that are most important to you
  • an environmental story to strengthen your public image
  • usually more cost effective over the life of the product making it less expensive for you.

Is all this sounding like a good fit?

A good, honest partnership is the foundation for a successful project. (I want us to be excited to see the others name on caller ID not dread it!)

Please answer a few questions about your project to see if we should keep going down this road.

the design process

Step One

Getting to know your project

It's all about you! Tell me about the issues, the people that use the office space, and your goals.

Step Two

We do things different here

Together we'll create a framework as a guide for our decisions and to evaluate the results.

Step Three

Results based interior design

Your office is functional and beautiful, supporting the wellness and productivity of your employees.

Meet the Interior Designer

Hi, I'm Tina Raasch-Prost a WI Registered Interior Designer, and I design work spaces where people go to change the world.

Tina Raasch-Prost Headshot

Who do my clients tend to be?

  • Husband and wife business partners, C-Suite decision makers, HR, facility managers, administrators
  • Leaders that value their people, wellness and results
  • Hard working, focused on making their mark on the world
  • Based in Southeast Wisconsin

What are they like and what's important to them?

  • Aren't stuffy, or boring, but collaborative and fun
  • Willing to take the time needed and purchase quality products
  • Planning an office build out, or updating the current workspace to reflect the success they have worked so hard for
  • Involve those employees who will be using the space, not telling them what they will get and how they will use it.
  • Concious Capitolism, helping their employees so they will help your clients

What projects don’t I take on?

  • I don't do residential design unless it's your full time home office.  If you have a residential project I can refer you to some great designers.
  • Cookie cutter solutions.  You aren’t looking for a chair because you want something to sit on.  I want to learn what the problem is and how you want to solve it so we can find you the perfect chair!

What sets me apart as an interior designer?

  • Creating results based offices, directed by the people that will use it, with selections that respect people, the Earth and business.
  • Helping working nursing moms and employees with their physical and mental health with lactation rooms and wellness rooms

What I love about interior design is all the problems it can solve, the people it can help and the beauty it can create.  A great design day is when my clients and I collaborate, laugh, and are inspired by nature and those we're working with.

Think we would be good partners on your project? Contact me today!

Call me for an interior design consultation for your office today!

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