If you do a Google search for workplace wellness you will probably find a number of resources for companies that help you set up a physical activity wellness program. They help your employees lose weight, stop smoking, manage blood pressure, move more.

While worthwhile goals some employees feel they divulge an employer more information then they are comfortable sharing. If wellness is important to you or you participate in these programs I have another equally beneficial solution. Wellness rooms and Lactation rooms provide a safe, clean dignified way for employees to take a moment and support whatever mental, physical or spiritual needs they may need to address during the day.

We all have had bad days where we just need to take a moment and we would prefer to not use the bathroom. Some religions have prayer expectations for certain holidays and a Wellness room provides them a space if conference rooms are full. If your employees are also care takers or parents to small children sleep may be at a premium and just being able to lay down and rest for a bit can be what they need to make it through the day.

Labor costs are the greatest expense an employer has these spaces. These spaces are incorporated into the existing footprint of your office, can be custom designed using finishes that support your existing design and the ROI is impressive.

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