Creating safe, productive office environments that inspire!

TRP Design Group process

Identify your top issues

We'll meet to discuss what your workplace issues are and which of those items is a top priority.

workplace wellness

Establish our Guide

We will use your goals as our guide for selections, and decisions.  We don't want to simply solve the listed problems we want to improve your office environment.

Inspired by the results

The guide will then serve as the ruler for which project success can be assessed.


COVID-19 has changed how and where work is done.  Employees are:

  • working from home
  • remained at work as an essential employee
  • are working at work and home.

All these conditions have presented their own set of issues.

All the information coming from multiple sources, how do you even begin implementing it?  This is where TRP Design Group, LLC can help!

  • Provide solutions to implement best practices that fit your budget
  • Reduce any fear returning employees may have
  • Show essential employees they are valued by providing spaces to support their mental health
  • Resources and solutions for furniture and finishes to support safe spaces (see images to the right)
  • Can provide social distance solutions


Commercial offices need to work just as hard as you do. As your office environment designer I can be your secret weapon solving your unique office problems!

  • Acoustics: it can make or break a space
  • Space planning: where is everyone going to sit
  • Company culture: show them who you are
  • Employee recruitment and retention: they are your biggest investment
  • Brand image: perception is reality
  • Work area: if it doesn't function well neither will you
  • Ergonomics: no one should be in pain all day
  • Guide: helping you with selections and sticking up for your vision
  • Budget: spending wisely on the elements that will serve you the most

Brand image

Image is everything.  If your business is perceived as out of date top talent and clients may not see you as a place they want to work or do business.  With an efficient framework established this is where company culture can shine!

  • Communicate branding
  • Modern color and finishes
  • Create a cohesive office look
  • Inspire
  • Way finding
Professional Photography

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