workplace wellness

We are currently in the middle…hopefully nearing the end of a COVID-19 pandemic. We have all had to learn how to work remotely, if we prefer it or not to the office. What we miss about our office set up and the frustration that can be virtual meetings.

Someone early in this siad look, a conference space is being used as a makeshift hospital. Isn’t it great to see our profession helping. It got me to thinking that people don’t really understand how interior design has been keeping people healthy for many many years they just have never realized it be cause it is such a seamless part of everyones everyday life. I’m going to nerd out a bit in this post and get a bit technical.


Fabrics that interior designers select from have to meet certain durability requirements among other things to be appropriate for commercial use. Residential fabrics pass similar durability tests but those perameters are much lower because it won’t get quite the same abuse. During the manufacturing process since many fabrics are synthetic they start as a solution that is then extruded into a fiber. The shape of that fiber is not round, it typically is square or triangular with bumps or the like which helps it perform better. One of the things that can be added to the fiber or the solution is silver or copper.